Benoit Chuffin - An Artist's Life

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Benoit Chuffin, who we will call Bob from now, was born in France in 1931 , the third of three children.  Bob and Paule, his eldest sister, were to spend their lives together,

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He moved with his family to Constantine, Algeria where he experienced many of the influences on his artistic side.

He returned to France, where his family and later he and his eldest sister ran a cinema in Lyon. They sold the cinema and built a pottery in Pegomas in the South of France, where they spent the rest of their lives.

© 2018 Bob Chuffin.  All rights reserved

Much of his drawing and painting was done here and were originally mainly for himself. Later, when he was persuaded by others, that he had a unique talent he made some efforts to spread his work, but with little success.

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