Friday, July 9, 2021

Introducing Bob Chuffin - Artist

It's time The World learnt about Bob Chuffin, an artist with an amazing portfolio of painting and drawings - to date known only to family and friends. The portfolio includes a carefully filed collection of 350 envelopes of 50 drawings - making a total of 15 600 drawings.

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Bob started off by producing his art for himself! When he came to realise he had a very special talent to share he made limited but often bold pitches - TF1 the French TV station and Bill Clinton received a pack of Bob's drawings. He did not manage it before his death earlier this year,  so we are now going to use the Social Media he didn't appreciate to spread his art far and wide!

Follow this blog and learn more, receive free versions of his art, invest in his work, discuss his style, learn about his life, see his films and above all see more of Bob's art.

En Promenade M01 © 2018 Bob Chuffin.  All rights reserved
In a future post we would like to discuss his style and get your feedback on the value of his art, so please email us if you have any ideas.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Free Poster of 18 Portraits

We have just scanned envelope 354 of Bob's drawings. The envelope contains 18 portraits in its 49 drawings, which we have combined into a poster image.

If you would like a free copy of the image file of the poster of portraits please email us.

© 2018 Bob Chuffin.  All rights reserved

Starting at the top left drawing you should move to the right and then down row by row to view them in chronological order. Thats assuming their order in the envelope is chronological - so far we can not link these drawings a timeline.

We are quite amazed by the variety in the detail of the portraits although they are all in a very consistent style. We plan to scan the envelopes before and after this one and build an even bigger poster to see what it might say about Bob's drawing.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Nine Portraits

The first nine portraits in the 354th envelope of drawings

© 2018 Bob Chuffin.  All rights reserved

Monday, April 23, 2018

Have Your Say

I've done too much of the talking and commenting. So its over to you. What do you have to say on the style, the subject, your idea for a title as well as your feelings about what you have seen so far or or suggestions on what you would like to see or get.

Drawing 354 11 - The title sent in, that I like most, goes here!
© 2018 Bob Chuffin.  All rights reserved

Drawing 354 32 - The title sent in, that I like most, goes here!
© 2018 Bob Chuffin.  All rights reserved

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Emphasised Eyes in Portraits

These three portraits, are not from the envelopes of drawings, but were sent out in publicity efforts. Because of when they were sent they were probably painted in the early 2000s and unlike most of the drawings they are signed and have explanations on the back.
© 2018 Bob Chuffin.  All rights reserved
We will be looking at issues like these in more detail later.

Friday, April 20, 2018

More of Bobs Drawings - Chance or Result

Here is another envelope of drawings - it's envelope 154 which would be drawings number 7 701 to 7 750 if Bob kept them in order.

© 2018 Bob Chuffin.  All rights reserved

I have only been through 3 envelopes so far, so maybe they all have something out of the ordinary them. But in this one I find two drawings that are different to the other 148 I've looked at. Are just just chance or did they mean something to Bob?

The Swining 60s Couple (E154 32)
© 2018 Bob Chuffin.  All rights reserved
This is the only drawing I have seen, of more than one person or animal and here we have a couple of relatively ordinary looking people when compared to other drawings.

Full Length Lady With a Shining Heart (154 35)
Full Length Lady With a Shining Heart (154 26)

The original drawing was the size of all the others and has the shins and feet cellotaped on afterwards.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Download Bob's Party of Three

We want to share Bob's art! so are offering this image for free download.

© 2018 Bob Chuffin.  All rights reserved
Click here to download the 35 Megapixel jpeg titled Party of Three.

You should be able to make a decent sized print from the file. You can use the image for whatever you want, hopefully in a way that what get more people to know about Bob. Should you plan to sell the image commercially we would appreciate hearing about it and also benefiting from a small share in your profit.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Free JPEGS of Bob's Art

We are publishing Bob's work online, to ensure that people get to know him and his amazing art. At this stage we are publishing from Bob's 120 canvases, 15 000 postcard size drawings and other materials. This is obviously a big task and will be undertaken over a period dependent on the reaction we get.

You will find his gallery at Le Gallerie De Bob - Bob's Gallery

© 2018 Bob Chuffin.  All rights reserved
The first 20 people to email us asking for one of Bob's drawings that are displayed in the gallery or on the blog will receive a 1600 X 1200 MP jpeg, which they can use wherever they wish at no cost. Identify the drawing you would like either by the drawing number or the envelope number and the drawings row and column number in the envelope. Some of this is explained on a page linked under the Blog Header or you can just send a screen grab

Once we have given away 20 images, we will start charging a small donation for these small versons of the drawings which will be supplied for limited free usage.

Other images sizes and the originals are available now and will be sold under conditions agreed to meet the buyer's need.

Visiting this blog will keep you up to date with what has been published and the news around Bob's other art.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Three Woman - One Kissing a Man

Just Three Drawings
© 2018 Bob Chuffin.  All rights reserved

© 2018 Bob Chuffin.  All rights reserved

© 2018 Bob Chuffin.  All rights reserved

Monday, April 16, 2018

Looking at Bob's Drawings?

We expect that Bob's 15 300 carefully arranged, postcard sized drawings will be really interesting to us all. They were a big part of his life and were produced over an important time of his life.

Each picture has something to think about - when I scanned this one and posted it, I titled it "Girl with Long Hair" but later found an annotated copy showing Bob had titled it "La Femme aux trois Visages"

La Femme aux trois Viages M03  - 2018 Bob Chuffin.  All rights reserved

If I were to post one drawing a day on this we will be getting towards the end as we look to move into the 2060s. I will obviously not be here then so need to do something different.

What I'm going to do is post regularly on different aspects of the collection like colour, subjects and style over time inviting inputs from everyone - I think that could be fun and tell us more about Bob and his experiences.

To start I am posting composite images of the 50 drawing in the first and 306th envelopes. Its interesting to look at the changes it shows.

2018 Bob Chuffin.  All rights reserved

2018 Bob Chuffin.  All rights reserved
The change from pastels to dark colours and from patterns to objects is quite clear, while the emphasis on patterns and detail is there in both sets, although they are decades apart.

Email me if you have any ideas of what we could be doing or if there is anything you need.

Friday, March 9, 2018

The First 50 Drawings

Compare these, numbers 1 to 50 to the last fifty posted a few days ago.

© 2018 Bob Chuffin.  All rights reserved