Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Free JPEGS of Bob's Art

We are publishing Bob's work online, to ensure that people get to know him and his amazing art. At this stage we are publishing from Bob's 120 canvases, 15 000 postcard size drawings and other materials. This is obviously a big task and will be undertaken over a period dependent on the reaction we get.

You will find his gallery at Le Gallerie De Bob - Bob's Gallery

© 2018 Bob Chuffin.  All rights reserved
The first 20 people to email us asking for one of Bob's drawings that are displayed in the gallery or on the blog will receive a 1600 X 1200 MP jpeg, which they can use wherever they wish at no cost. Identify the drawing you would like either by the drawing number or the envelope number and the drawings row and column number in the envelope. Some of this is explained on a page linked under the Blog Header or you can just send a screen grab

Once we have given away 20 images, we will start charging a small donation for these small versons of the drawings which will be supplied for limited free usage.

Other images sizes and the originals are available now and will be sold under conditions agreed to meet the buyer's need.

Visiting this blog will keep you up to date with what has been published and the news around Bob's other art.

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