Friday, July 9, 2021

Introducing Bob Chuffin - Artist

It's time The World learnt about Bob Chuffin, an artist with an amazing portfolio of painting and drawings - to date known only to family and friends. The portfolio includes a carefully filed collection of 350 envelopes of 50 drawings - making a total of 15 600 drawings.

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Bob started off by producing his art for himself! When he came to realise he had a very special talent to share he made limited but often bold pitches - TF1 the French TV station and Bill Clinton received a pack of Bob's drawings. He did not manage it before his death earlier this year,  so we are now going to use the Social Media he didn't appreciate to spread his art far and wide!

Follow this blog and learn more, receive free versions of his art, invest in his work, discuss his style, learn about his life, see his films and above all see more of Bob's art.

En Promenade M01 © 2018 Bob Chuffin.  All rights reserved
In a future post we would like to discuss his style and get your feedback on the value of his art, so please email us if you have any ideas.

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